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Mobile Web Debugging

In my current job, I became part of the FED (Front End Developers) community.
In Android there are great debugging tools, and the tools for FED development are improving more and more. I got to know WebKit’s Web Inspector (in Safari and Chrome) and learnt how to use them.
But when running the same web app on mobile devices, I encountered a wall… Suddenly I was compeled to use old fashion debugging techniques like print to log and alerts. Of course some devices don’t natively support even that and you need to implement your own print to log mechanism (fun fun fun).
But help came in the last few days in the name of Weinre. This is a great Web debugging tool that lets you remotely debug your mobile web application with most of the functionality of Web Inspector. Of course, since the “debugger” on the Web App side is actualy a JS script, you can’t put breakpoints and stuff like that, but it eases the working process tremendously.
So enjoy and good work Weinre guys…