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Android Web Fragmentation

Everybody talks about Android fragmentation problem. Meaning, each device manufacture creates its own flavor of Android OS. The problems starts when they customize heavily leaving the developers struggling with changes in Application look and feel, and worse, in behavior. At WeFi I saw that a lot, when each device’s WiFi driver reacted differently though it had the same API for the developer. There is also fragmentation in the browsers arena, but I naively thought that choosing the browser as the platform will reduce fragmentation head ache. I couldn’t been more wrong! Not only there is difference in behavior between browsers in different Android devices running, what should be, the same OS version, there is a difference between the behavior between the WebView and the browser on the same device. I encountered performance variations, or to be exact, the WebView is much slower than the browser. This is due to different cache and memory handling (can’t take the credit for finding that out). Here is the link to the guy that posted a very interesting answer regarding performance boost to the WebView. Enjoy and happy fragmentation.