I’ve been working with a framework called Backbone.js lately, and I really think that you should check it out.

From first glance, it looks that it doesn’t do much actually. But after working with it a day or two it immediately revealed its power. And to my opinion that power comes from its simplicity. It just organize your code in bits that you can reuse and manage with ease. I found that I write much better code faster.

Backbone.js (or in short BB) is an JS implementation of the MV(C) model. When writing a heavy JS app, BB is your friend. The reason that I put the “C” in parenthesis is that BB does not have that part of the MVC design pattern (the “Controller”).

Only thing I lack is a “Controller” in the MVC structure. But basically, I don’t miss him that much.

So try it out, very simple to learn and really improves your app.


2 thoughts on “Backbone.js

  1. vimax

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