Monthly Archives: November 2011


I’ve been working with a framework called Backbone.js lately, and I really think that you should check it out.

From first glance, it looks that it doesn’t do much actually. But after working with it a day or two it¬†immediately revealed its power. And to my opinion that power comes from its simplicity. It just organize your code in bits that you can reuse and manage with ease. I found that I write much better code faster.

Backbone.js (or in short BB) is an JS implementation of the MV(C) model. When writing a heavy JS app, BB is your friend. The reason that I put the “C” in parenthesis is that BB does not have that part of the MVC¬†design pattern (the “Controller”).

Only thing I lack is a “Controller” in the MVC structure. But basically, I don’t miss him that much.

So try it out, very simple to learn and really improves your app.